UKS1 Sapele Wood Soprano Beginner Ukulele


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Ukulele size: Soprano (21”)
Body (soundboard, back, and sides):Sapele wood
Headstock:Sapele wood
Fretboard: Engineered wood
Bridge: Engineered wood
Tuning pegs: Sealed chrome
Strings: Aquila Nygut
Color: Matte natural
Saddle: Plastic
Accessories: A carrying bag and an additional set of four strings

  • Most popular size for kids & beginners
  • Soprano sound and melodious tone
  • Lovely body constructed of classical sapele wood
  • Visually appealing natural color

  • Description:

    Ukutune and a China-based professional instrument manufacturer (with 10+ years of experience) present the Ukutune UKS1 Soprano Ukulele.

    The soprano ukulele is the instrument's most traditional and best-known size. If you are a beginner learning to play the ukulele OR an experienced player seeking a small, lightweight ukulele, the UKS1 Soprano Ukuelele is perfect for you!

    The neck with 15 frets makes finding notes and playing chords convenient. Made of the popular tonewood sapele, the ukelele's body creates a rich, warm tone.

    Combining nylon (for a consistent tone) and gut (for a warm, mellow sound), the Aquila Nylgut strings are gentle on your fingers.