Ukutune KLO1 Kalimba Solid Okoume Wood Red Color



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  • Soothing bell-like chimes with warm, mellow tones
  • Strong sound volume from sturdy resonant box
  • 17-tine “keyboard” on this handy thumb piano
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Category: Okoume Kalimba

Type: Kalimba

What's included?

1 * 17-key solid okoume kalimba

* Silicone finger protectors/thumb picks

1 * Instruction book

1 * Cloth bag

1 * Sheet of red stickers

1 * Sheet of green stickers

1 * Tuning sticker with 17 letter/number notations

1 * Tuning hammer

1 * Polishing cloth


Ukutune Technology Ltd. and an experienced (10+ years) Chinese professional instrument manufacturer present the Ukutune KLO1 Kalimba.

With a resonant box constructed of solid okoume wood, this kalimba produces lovely, loud sounds for this quiet instrument. Whether you are new or experienced, our Ukutune KLO1 Kalimba is perfect for learning and making music.

Play a wide range of clear notes on 17 chrome-plated manganese steel-ore tines. Smooth and well-spaced, they make plucking notes comfortable and easy on your fingers. Notes and numbers are conveniently engraved on the tines.

An okoume African hardwood hollow resonant box robustly projects melodic sounds. Enjoy music, fun, and fine craftsmanship with the rich red-stained Ukutune KLO1 Kalimba.