Ukulele Price: Buy Ukulele at Best Price Online

October 01, 2020

Ukulele Price: Buy Ukulele at Best Price Online

The tunes you can get using the Ukulele are numerous, and at the same rate, the availability of Ukulele is also plenty. Finding the best Ukulele is one task and purchasing the same as at best price is another headache because you need to be cognizant about ukulele price. But how can you make your purchase a good deal? Well, there is no substitute for knowledge. So, having a complete understanding of the Ukulele, including the concert ukulele price, mahalo ukulele price, tenor ukulele price, and others are a must.

How Much Does a Good Ukulele Cost

Well, you guessed it right, to answer this question in a sentence is not possible. The Ukulele price varies depending on the materials, brand, build quality, and many other factors. So, we provide the price ranges of different segments of the Ukulele to increase your understanding level. This understanding of the price range will also immensely help you choose the one that fits your needs. 

1. Price ranges of Ukulele

The number of the available Ukulele brands are plenty, and the variations inside each brand are uncountable. But we can still categorize all those types of Ukulele into some handful of price ranges, and they are as follows. 

2. Toy or Cheap Ukulele

These types of Ukulele are available within the budget of $30. They are made from plastic or inferior quality laminated wood. These Ukulele are poorly built, and consequently, most of them are unplayable right out of the box. However, there are some of the Ukulele which can be played to some extent. So, ideally, it is not worth paying $30 and wasting your money. Instead, if you add a few more bucks, you can own the good quality Ukulele.

3. Budget Ukulele

Under this category, you can get the Ukulele under $50. But this category is a little tricky. The reason is you can find some of the excellent quality Ukulele as well as some junks. As a thumb rule, we recommend you stick with the high price range under this price range. These Ukulele are the perfect choice if you are yet to learn the ABC of playing Ukulele. However, with time, you will understand it is not enough to cater to all your needs, but if you are on a tight budget, this price range is good enough for you. 

4. Beginner level Ukulele

Under this price range, you can find the ukuleles from $51 to $150. Under this price range, many consumers tend to purchase. The reason is simple; they offer the perfect blend of affordability and quality. Not only beginners, many intermediate and advanced uke players also find the Ukulele under this price range is ideal. 

5. Mid-Level Ukuleles

You can find the best quality Ukulele under this price range ($151 to $500). Under this category, you can find the fancy-looking Ukulele, ukuleles that record using a computer and other devices. Additionally, you can discover Ukulele made of solid wood under this range, which resonates freely than plywood made Ukulele. 

6. High-End Ukulele

This is the last price range you can see in the Ukulele. The price range starts at $500 and beyond. These ukuleles are designed for advanced players. The brands like Martin and Kamaka, Yamaha, are producing this type of uke in the US. You can get the basic model from $500, and it goes approximately $2,000. The ukulele guitar price of all premium quality will be more than $1,000.

The Concert Ukulele Price

So, we have gone through the price ranges of Ukuleles. But if you are looking for the best Ukulele for the concert, we have the best four products for you. Hence, we are providing the top Ukulele, including ukulele price amazon. 

Concert Ukulele Solid Spruce Ebony Wood Natural Color

This Ukulele is one of the best Ukulele available right now. Ukutune Technology Ltd. produces it, and they have vast experience of over ten years. It comes with a slightly larger size than the traditional models. It serves the needs of all musicians, from beginners to advanced alike. It is made from an extended walnut fretboard and 18 frets with well-maintained space, consequently plucking chords & notes are easy. 

Main features

  • Perfect design for the concert with 23 inches long 
  • Made with walnut 
  • Generates a warm tone and bright sound quality. 
  • Fantastic spruce with ebony body
  • It is available at $115.98

Concert Ukulele Mahogany Wood Burnished Brown

This Ukutune UKM2 Concert Ukulele model is another product that provides excellent quality. If you are looking for a ukulele low price, then you can consider this one. This uke comes with a higher price than the soprano ukulele price because it is available with extra size than traditional Ukulele. The 23 inches ukulele means you are getting a fair amount of space to play the music with freedom. 

Main features

  • Headstock - Mahogany
  • 23 inches in length 
  • Attractive look with burnished brown
  • Fretboard and bridge crafted with engineered wood
  • Strong acoustic projection
  • Long walnut made neck with 18 frets
  • ukulele lowest price with just $49.98 

Solid Mahogany Wood Concert Ukulele Natural Color

The wood made ukuleles are a treat to watch, and at the same time, they produce good quality tunes to give pleasure to the ears. The UKM1 model from Ukutune is another uke which is ideal for the beginner to intermediate musicians. The matte finish with natural color makes this uke good looking one. This model is also available with 23 inches in length like other concert Ukulele, but its advantage is it is lightweight. This feature makes it easier to carry wherever you go without feeling like a significant burden. 

Main features

  • Concert size with 23 inches long 
  • Body made with Solid mahogany
  • Fretboard and concrete bridge made with walnut
  • Long neck powered with the walnut fretboard 
  • 19 frets availability 
  • It is available at just $159.98

Ukutune UKR1 Concert Ukulele Spruce Rose Wood Natural Color

It is one of the best-selling ukuleles, and the reason is apparent. This product became one of the top Ukulele because of its vast experience in manufacturing and the reliable quality woods. When the Chinese professional instrument makers' expertise meets with the right materials, this type of product creates. You will get the accessories of Aquila Nylgut strings (4 sets) and a carry bag. The Aquila Nylgut strings make the marriage between constant tone and mellow sound to create warm sounds. 

Main features

  • Concert size with 23 inches long 
  • Body & side are made with solid rosewood
  • Soundboard is crafter with robust spruce wood
  • Sealed chrome tuning pins
  • Attractive color

The Tenor ukulele price

If you are wondering about the tenor ukulele price, we are here to help you. That too, we are providing the best quality tenor ukulele for you with its price range. 

Tenor Ukulele Ash Wood Matte Green

This is another masterpiece from the master of ukulele producer Ukutune. The choice and preference of musicians are not the same, and we know this secret. For the same reason, we have different sized Ukulele. If you feel the concert size ukuleles are small, then you would love Ukutune UK1. It is made with ash wood body, and to make it more appealing. You can see the gorgeous glossy finish with green matte color. It caters to all players' needs, but if you have large fingers and hands, you would feel the comfort while playing this beauty.

Main Features

  • Excellent sound quality and warm tones
  • Robust construction with ash wood
  • Plenty of spaces between the frets 
  • Available with 26 inches long size
  • You can get it at just $99.98

The Soprano ukulele prices

The soprano ukuleles are the commonly used type of Ukulele all around the world. The best thing is you can own this type of uke within $50. Yes, you heard it right, and the best soprano ukulele is;

Soprano Ukulele Classical Sapele Wood

We have already seen 23 inches and 26 inches Ukulele. But these are not the authentic traditional size for Ukulele. The 21 inches models are the well-known and regular size of the Ukulele. It doesn't matter whether you are an advanced player looking for a lightweight and small uke or starting to learn to play this marvelous instrument; this UKS1 is the ideal choice for you.

Main features

  • The traditional size of 21 inches
  • Sapele wood made headstock and body 
  • Fretboard and bridge are made with engineered wood
  • Sealed chrome turning pegs 
  • Melodious sound with Soprano sound 
  • Attractive and cute look
  • Available at just $49.98 

Things to Consider When Buying a Concert Ukulele

The vast availability of brands, numerous price ranges, build quality, materials, and whatnot if you find these many options while choosing any product is an excellent thing for a buyer. But on the flip side, you are bound to get confused while choosing your Ukulele. However, we are always ready to equip you with the essential things to consider before making your purchase if you pay attention to the items, we provide in the next section to make your decision with ease and effectively. 

1. The size

    As we already went through, we can get multiple sizes of ukuleles. So, you must know which size ukulele you want to buy. The Soprano is the size people generally opt for. But you can try other sizes if you're going to get more lager ukulele and enough space between the frets. If you want to get a little larger one, you have concert size ukuleles (23 inches), and for those who look for a larger fretboard, the tenor size comes to their rescue. 

    2. Acoustic or Electric

    You must decide whether you need an electro -acoustic or mere acoustic Ukulele. If you want to save some money and play in a peaceful place, you can get a classical acoustic ukulele. Or, you can choose an electro-acoustic one because they offer better sound quality and volume control. If you are buying for performances, we suggest you stick with electro-acoustic models. 

    3. Accessories and tuning pegs

    The machine heads, or popularly called turning heads, play a significant role in producing great sounds. The superior quality turning pegs let you stay tuned for an extended period without making frustrating adjustments. The premium quality tuning pegs are necessary, whatever your level of mastery over this instrument. 

    The other vital aspect while buying the ukuleles is the accessory that comes along with the product. To protect your instrument against various things, a carry and storing bag is essential. If your product doesn't come with it, consider buying the bag immediately. Also, the tuner and robust stand are crucial to keep your Ukulele intact. 

    4. Ukulele price

    The budget plays an integral part while considering buying anything, and ukuleles are no exception to that. This needs to be decided on the purpose of purchasing the instrument. Suppose you are purchasing for learning and playing for personal happiness. In that case, it is best if you are not spending a considerable amount of money, you may consider buying the beginner to intermediate price range Ukulele. 

    5. Brand

    Finally, the brand assures the quality and durability of your ukuleles. The prices also differ from brand to brand. For example, you can see the Yamaha ukulele price is different, and the Kamaka ukulele price depends on its features and other factors. You no need to consider the excellent brand for playing for enjoyment, but if you are serious about the quality and sound, you need to buy from the top brands. 

    As promised, we have provided all the information which is needed to get your ukuleles with confidence. Selecting the best Ukulele depends on the many factors we provided this far but picking the one you deem right is the best one. We are saying this confidently, hoping you have noted all the aspects we have provided in this post. If you are going to buy online, paying attention to all the key things we discussed is necessary. So, why wait? Go and pick the Ukulele you like and enjoy your time!


    Recommended Products

    Beginner's Best Choice
    UKM2 Mahogany Wood Concert Ukulele
    Ukulele size: Concert (23")
    Headstock: Mahogany
    Body (soundboard, back, and sides): Mahogany
    Fretboard: Engineered wood
    Bridge: Engineered wood
    Tuning pegs: Sealed chromed
    Strings: Aquila Nylgut
    Color: Matte Burnished brown
    Saddles: Ox bone
    Accessories: A carrying bag and an additional set of four strings.

    Best Value
    UKE1 Solid Spruce Wood Concert Ukulele
    Ukulele size: Concert (23")
    Top: Solid spruce
    Back and sides: Striped ebony
    Headstock: Striped ebony
    Fretboard: Walnut
    Bridge: Walnut
    Tuning pegs: Sealed chrome
    Strings: Aquila Nylgut
    Color: Natural
    Saddle: Ox bone
    Accessories: A carrying bag and an additional set of four strings

    Top League
    UKD90 Solid Flamed Koa Wood Tenor Ukulele
    Ukulele size: Tenor (26”)
    Headstock: Solid striped flamed koa wood
    Body (soundboard, back, and sides): Solid striped flamed koa wood
    Fretboard: Black Walnut
    Bridge: Black Walnut
    Neck: Okoume
    Tuning pegs: Open gold with agate buttons
    Strings: Aquila Nylgut
    Color: Natural
    Finish: Glossy
    Saddle: Ox bone
    Accessories: A carrying bag and an additional set of four strings